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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fear Not

When Rachel was first diagnosed with leukemia in January we had shirts made up for her. They were to encourage her and to raise support for the Ronald Mcdonald house. These shirts had her favorite
verse on them.  It was a shortened version of the verse but the message is still there. Our wonderful Jenna Boss designed them. The verse is Isaiah 41:10:                     

"Do not fear, for I am with you;
  Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God
  I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,
  Surely I will uphold you with MY righteous right hand.

People are once again pulling these shirts out of their closets and encouraging her and us with them. When we came in on Friday we started out in the day unit.  As we were heading upstairs the 2 nurses that were wheeling her were checking out theses shirts Barry and I were wearing. Both of them all of a sudden were quoting other encouraging verses and were going on their IPhones to find some more. It was a real encouragement to us on this very hard day to have these nurses bold enough to do this. In this day and age everyone is in fear of getting in trouble if they share encouragement from God's word. If these nurses every read this "THANK YOU".
This morning in my quiet time with God I asked him for this strengthening that He promises. I asked him to strengthen my mind because I feel like Satan is trying to discourage me every chance he gets. I asked him to strengthen my body because it is exhausted. It has not recovered from the first hospital stay. I don't know how but grief and anxiety have a way of taking all the strength out of you. I asked Him to strengthen my heart because right now it feels shattered. I know in time it will heal and get better. And I asked Him to strengthen my soul because it is weary.

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  1. Hold on dear little Elsie, the heart of a mother is fierce and strong. Let the Lord direct you as to where you use your strength each day, each hour, and then ask him to show you clearly those things that you can eliminate that are draining you. Surround yourself with only what you need right now and bit by bit your strength will return. It is a comfort to me that i only need a mustard seed of faith, that is so extremely, extremely small but sometimes that is all you can manage and yet that can move a mountain! Breath deep because the breath of God is all around you and Rachel. Much love Sue