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Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 1

Well, we are settled into her room. A room we have been in before. It still has our old picture hooks on the wall. Met some of our favorite nurses. Boy do the good ones make a huge difference in the day. It has been a long day of waiting for her lumbar puncture (LP) and waiting to be admitted on B6. She even had some visitors her first night - thanks girls, she loved it. It looks like she will be doing 2 rounds of chemo possibly 3 here in London. She will then head to Toronto when they find a bone marrow match. We are looking at at least 3 months in London and at least 3 in Toronto. WOW. One day down with many more stretching ahead of us. It's too hard to look ahead that far so I will once again focus on a few days at a time.
Some of you have been asking about becoming bone marrow donors and i will post that info soon. The way they do it is you will all go into one bank that they can draw from around the world. So we can't specifically donate for Rachel but it could be helping her out and it would likely help someone else out. Yes it is somewhat painful but only for a couple of days. There is absolutely no risk to the donor (other than discomfort). So Rachel's donor could come from anywhere in the world.
It's been a long day so I will sign out now.

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