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Monday, September 23, 2013


When you spend this much time in a hospital you are bound to make new friends. These are different than your friends at home. With these friends you are bound by very life changing experiences. You share heartache and grief but also hope and dreams that are so different than anything you will ever experience. My friend Jen calls it "joining a club no one wants to be part of". But yet we have no choice. We are blessed to at least have each other. We  rejoice with each other over the smallest victories. And we cry with each other when we receive heart breaking news.
The first time in the hospital we met a wonderful family with 3 beautiful girls. Their baby Emma has a brain tumour. The sweetest little thing. She has spent 1/2 her life in the hospital. The day we found out that Rachel's cancer had returned they found out that nothing more could be done for their Emma. She is going home to be with Jesus. Today we grieved together. Please pray for her family as they prepare to say goodbye. Every minute to them is precious. Every minute is spent holding and comforting Emma.  I am so blessed to have met them.
Rachel is doing ok. Very quiet as she always is during chemo. Sleeping a lot.


  1. My heart is breaking for you, I too know what it is like to bond with a couple families the same way you have, I know how much you care for the others' child. I know that you will still be their support and get through your own journey. I am sending prayers for you family, Rachel, Emma & her family.

  2. Oh Elsie I am crying like a baby right now...partly out of guilt...because I have a healthy baby boy who has a really bad cold right now, and you know what? I have been whining about how annoying it is, how he is constantly crying and keeping me up all selfish does that sound? I'm sure Emma's parents would be rejoicing in the streets if their baby could just have a really bad cold, I'm sure you would thank the heavens if Rachel could just be home from school today with a bad all about perspective. Please know that I am always praying for you guys, I have your specific prayer requests in my mind all day...I have you in my thoughts always dear sister. When I am stuck in a line, or I have to make dinner and I don't feel like it or if I have a whiny baby I just stop and think...I'm sure Elsie would love to have these silly problems I'm complaining about, would love to just go back to an ordinary "boring" life...there's something beautiful about simple isn't there?... You are an inspiration to me, I love these daily blogs you are writing, you are a better writer than you think ;-) I know God has a plan for everyone, sometimes it doesn't make sense, sometimes we don't like it, but in the end when we look back we are always grateful for the journey we have travelled because it has brought us right where we are your today ten years from now will look a whole lot different than it does right now and I'm sure without a doubt you will be we made it...we are so blessed to have gone down that road. But years are created by months, by weeks, by days, and in your case I'm sure hour by hour. So I hope you know in these hours you are loved by many, Rachel is lucky to have a mom like beautiful caring sister...I love you and pray for your daily strength...xoxoxoxo...your little sis :-)