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Thursday, October 24, 2013

1 month

Last Sunday it was 1 month. In many ways it feels like we have been here since January when we first came in. Summer feels like a long ago dream.  Other families at the hospital come and go. The first stay at the hospital we made some good friends that were there almost the exact amount of time as us. We miss you Elliots but are glad you can be home.
I feel like I am having a hard time putting things on paper these days. Everything I think seems so private. My fears. My disappointments. My struggles. So today I will just update you.
There is no match yet. It takes at least 3 months to find a match. They took some of her bone marrow yesterday to see where she is at. If she is in remission they continue with the same chemo. If not they have to change their course of action. She needs to be in remission to do a bone marrow transplant. They are waiting on the results of those tests and waiting for her counts to come up before they start on round #2. That can take up to a week.

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