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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day -9 and Day-8

I'll give you a short explanation on my title. The days before transplant are in the minuses. The day of transplant is Day 0 and then after that we increase in numbers. Day 0 is to represent a new life for her or a rebirth of her immune system.
Day -9 we arrived at the hospital mid afternoon. We got Rachel settled into her new room. The nurse went over a few things and then told us to go out on the town for the evening. That was a nice surprise. In London , because we were pediatrics, Rachel was kept on a short leash. We checked into the Ronald Mcdonald  house and then went to the Keg to give Rachel a big protein shot.
Day-8 we all woke up to another crazy snow storm. This whole winter has felt like one big storm in more ways than one. We also found out some sad news. A young man who was in London with Rachel had passed away on Tuesday. Rachel never met him but we had talked to the parents here and there. A very sobering way to start the day. Rachel also starts her last round of chemo this evening. This round will go for 6 days.

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