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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Days -5 and -4

Rachel is still feeling great. Tonight her chemo gets changed so hopefully she won't react strongly to this. She gets this new drug for 2 days and then gets 2 days off  and then transplant. We've been making some friends. Of course no one is her age but everyone is relatively friendly . Sitting in the lounge with older patients Rachel is receiving an education. We have had some very interesting patients sitting with us and they had us in stitches for most of yesterday. I must say a lot of it was not for my young daughter's ears. Barry called it the Gong Show. But it's good. Most of the people here are making the best of a bad situation. Today we had visitors for most of the afternoon which was very encouraging for all of us. Olympics had been a good distraction as well. Each day Rachel feels good gives us a lot of hope.

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